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business ANALYTICS & benchmarking

"What gets measured gets improved."  

-Peter Drucker

Many businesses have their financial information readily available. However, this information in of itself may not inform them whether the business is performing to it's potential or how the business can improve. 

Success must first be defined and tracked. 

I will provide you with a report that compares your business performance with industry benchmarks. With this data, key decisions can be made to ultimately improve your business performance.


I will provide you with reliable and accurate financial benchmarking figures for balance sheet and income statement line items and compare it with industry average ratios, such as gross profit margin, net profit margin, EBITDA margin, current ratio, turnover ratio, debt to equity ratios, specific operating expense analysis, etc. 

Once we compare your company with the industry averages, I will provide ideas of what this means to your company and how to implement ideas to improve performance in key areas. 

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