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Accounting & Tax

Accounting and tax are important areas within your business. I will work with you to ensure these requirements are managed effectively so your financials and CRA compliance matters are up to date:

  • Corporate Year-Ends

  • Financial Statements

  • Notice to Readers

  • Corporate (T2) and Personal (T1) Tax Filings

  • Other Tax Filings (GST/HST, T3, T4, T5)

  • Tax Planning

  • CRA Representation

  • Bookkeeping and Payroll

  • Technology and system setup

  • Online and Cloud Based Accounting

For clients who prefer online accounting services and support, all services can be provided remotely.



As a business owner, your requirements go beyond financial statements and tax returns. I can guide important decisions, including those relating to business planning, cash flow management, profit improvement strategies, system implementation, the sale of your business, tax matters and others. The first step is to establish areas within your business that you want to transform. Whether your goal is to sell your business, increase profits, increase your time or any other respective goals, I will work with you to implement a plan.

CFO STYLE Services

These services are intended for companies who require CFO services, but not quite at the level that would warrant a full time CFO. The purpose of these services is for me to provide oversight of the financial aspects of your company's operations. These services are tailored to your requirements and can include financial analysis, reporting, projections, budgeting, hiring and review of bookkeeping and accounting functions and others.

Life Plan

The services I provide are geared towards providing you with fulfillment in your overall business and personal life. My objective is to ensure that your life and financial goals relating to the following areas are being proactively planned for:

  • Business

  • Wealth

  • Retirement

  • Estate

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